Using "National Diet Library Digital Collections"


You can use The National Diet Library (NDL) Digital Collections in Kashiwa Library.

 This service provides analog materials digitized by the NDL such as out-of-print books, rare books, and doctoral dissertations.


 Members of UTokyo can view those materials via the terminal in 2nd floor, Kashiwa Library. When you would like to use this service, please consult the service counter. (Available weekdays 9:00-17:00)


 Downloading and storing any of this data is prohibited by NDL. If you would like to obtain the photocopies of the material, please request them from Kashiwa Library.

 (Fee: 20 yen/page B/W, 60 yen/page color)


 For more details about materials you can use with the NDL Digital Collections, please check the websites below.

 List of available materials (in Japanese)

 You can search the website of NDL Digital Collections.

 *Only the materials with an button of "Available only at the NDL and partner libraries"