Searching for Materials

When searching for materials, use The University of Tokyo OPAC(Online Public Access Catalog: read "oh-pack").This system lists every item's location in the university's collections and its availability.


Please check “Location” and “Call Number”.

Books displayed with “Kashiwa Lib. ○○” in the column belong to Kashiwa Library.

Call numbers are comprised of a classification number *, author mark, and in some cases, a volume number.

Library materials are located by call number. A call number tells you where the book you are looking for is in the library.

* The books are classified by "Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC) 9th ed." in Kashiwa Library.

000 General Works 500 Technology, Engineering
100 Philosophy 600 Industry
200 History 700 Arts, Fine arts
300 Social sciences 800 Language
400 Natural sciences 900 Literature
Meaning of Call Numbers


Journals displayed with “Kashiwa Lib. Stack.” in the column are located in the Auto Library.

Those journals can be retrieved by the following steps:

  1. Look up the desired journal in OPAC, and then click the “Volumes” link.
  2. After the item details screen is displayed, click the “Auto Library” button for the volume desired.
  3. The requested volume will be retrieved from the Auto Library within several minutes. Go to the Library Service Counter to pick it up.
  4. After you finish reading it, return it to the counter.