[April 8 Update] Temporary closing from April 7 (Tue)

Kashiwa Library will be closed temporarily from April 7 (Tue) for the health and safety of all users and staff,
based on the “The University of Tokyo Activity Restrictions Index for Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus”.

It will not be applied the penalties for your overdue of books currently borrowed.
In addition, following is the information on the handling of books during the temporary closing period.

  • Reservation / Pick-up books from other campuses

You can't borrow books during temporary closing, so please do not make reservations.
If the books arrive at Kashiwa Library while the library is closed, you can borrow them after the temporary closing.
(In the meantime, the status of the book in OPAC is displayed as "On reserve" or "Under dispatch".)

  • Returning other campus library materials

During the temporary closing period, you can return books from other campus libraries to the Book Drop.
*Do not return CDs, DVDs or fragile materials to the Book Drop. So it will not be applied the penalties for overdue, please return them after the library opens.

  • Literature copy / Off-campus loan

Applications cannot be accepted during the closing period.

In addition, inquiries will be suspended by telephone, and will be handled only by e-mail.
Please check "Access / Contact" for contact information.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
The schedule for resumption will be announced on the website as soon as it is decided.