Use of the Library Plaza (LP)

Permitted activities in the Library Plaza

  • Group learning, discussion or research meeting
  • Seminar, lecture or exhibition
  • Private study


Current students or faculty members of the University of Tokyo

  • A student ID, faculty ID card or professor emeritus card (with an IC chip) is required to enter the Library Plaza. In some cases, it is necessary to register or renew your ID at your faculty library. If there is no library in your faculty, please ask at the reception desk of the Main Building.
  • If you don't have an ID card with an IC chip, please contact your faculty library.

Alumni and others

  • Alumni, former faculty members and members of the general public cannot enter the Library Plaza.
  • If alumni, former faculty members or members of the general public participate in an activity at the oval table together with current students or faculty members of the University of Tokyo, they may enter the Library Plaza. (Users should be at least 15 years old.)
    =>Click here for details of use of the oval table.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday => 8:30–22:30 (in August and March => 8:30–21:00)
  • Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays => 9:00–19:00 (in August and March => 9:00–17:00)
  • The fourth Friday of each month is closed in general.

Reservation for the monitor area

Under construction

Reservation for the oval table

  • The oval table may be reserved for group learning.
    =>Click here for details.

Rental items

  • Users may borrow the items below:
    • Extension cords
    • Projector

Rules and regulations

  • No eating.
  • No phone calls.
  • Beverages in a container with a screw cap are permitted.
  • Photography is not allowed, but users may take photos of certain items in order to record their activity (e.g., a whiteboard). Please be careful not to take photos of other users.
  • Please be careful about your belongings.


  • The wall of the Library Plaza comprises a whiteboard. Users may use the whiteboard freely.
  • All desks and chairs are movable. Users may move and combine them as required.

Lost and found

  • Lost items found in the Library Plaza are kept in the Library Plaza, but they will be transferred to the Main Building after about one month (after that, they will be kept for two months).
  • Articles of value will be forwarded to the police station in one week.