Book purchase requests

General Library mainly collects materials on basic Japanese books for undergraduate students.
You can make a request for books you believe would be a good addition to the library collection.
You can make a request from MyOPAC's "Books Request" menu.


When you request purchase of new books as addition to the library collection, please note the followings:

1. Types of books and other materials not considered

Novels / how-to books / workbooks for qualification exams / for self-development

2. Write request comments in detail

If the reason of the request is ambiguous, we will be unable to consider your request. Please write specifically why the book should be added to the library collection. 

Bad example:
"Because I'm interested in it"
"need for my research"

Good example:
"I need for my research on ××× and it will be useful for rest of my department members"
"This book is very important for our research of ×××, but there is no copy in the university."

3. Contact your department library

If your requested book is specialised or field specific, please note that we may contact your department library.


If you have a question, please use the inquiry form on the following web page:

Inquiry (in Japanese)