(From 6/21/2021)Regarding the library service during the University activities restriction Level A

21st June 2021

The General Library provides the following services from 21st June 2021 since The University of Tokyo Activity Restrictions Index for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is downgraded to Level A.
* The restriction of the facilities and services may be changed during the period. For details and latest information, please go to; The General Library response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

 Period; From 21st June 2021 until the day to be determined

1. Opening / Closing information

  Standard Term March and August
Monday to Friday


Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays 9:00~19:00 9:00~17:00

* The regular closing days and temporary closing will occur.
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2. About the services

2.1 Admission
During the restriction index Level A, to avoid infection risk, eligible members are limited as below.

Status Regulation

UTokyo Members
(incl. Professors emeritus)

〇 Admittance

Non UTokyo Members
(incl. alumni, former teachers)

〇 Admittance by reservation in advance, For material use only


2.2 For UTokyo Members (incl. Professors emeritus)


2.3 For Non UTokyo Members (incl. alumni, former faculty members)