(5/1Updated)Temporary closure of the General Library (Summer 2020)

In our news on March 3, we announced that the General Library will be closed from August 4, 2020 to September 30, 2020.
   However, for under the circumstances of the Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19), the library is currently closed for long term, so the closure and service in summer will be reviewed.
 The details will be announced on this website as soon as they are determined.



Temporary closure of the General Library (Summer 2020)

Mar. 3, 2020

The last part of the renovation work of General Library’s main building, which includes the east area of the building (on the side of Sanshiro Pond), started in January 2020 and will be completed in late July.

On completion of the renovation work, General Library’s main building will be closed to move the library materials and refurbish the reading rooms for their original use.

With regard to the service during the temporary closure period, please refer to the following.




[Period of Temporary Closure]

From August 4 (Tue.) to September 30 (Wed.) 2020

[Loan Period] (only for UTokyo affiliates)

In the following period, the due date on the loaned/renewed materials will be set to October 8. (Thu.) (Not renewable)


Loan period


Openshelf book

Jul. 21 (Tue.) – Aug. 3 (Mon.)

10 vols.

Book in the stacks or the automated storage


Jul. 6 (Mon.) – Aug. 3 (Mon.)

20 vols.

(no change)

Students, Staff

Jul. 21 (Tue.) – Aug. 3 (Mon.)

10 vols.

(including bound journals)

Bound journal

Jul. 28 (Tue.) – Aug. 3 (Mon.)

3 vols.

[Use of the Library]

Access to the main building will be prohibited. Reading seats and ECCS terminals will be also unavailable.

*Library Plaza (General Library Annex) will be open.

[Counter Service] (only for UTokyo affiliates)

・All circulation & reserve services will be closed. Please check out necessary materials before the closure.

・Requested materials which returns after Jul. 28 (Tue.) can be reserved for a longer time. Please check the e-mail from the library.

・To users whose faculty library is the General Library:

If you need to obtain the materials from the other campus libraries urgently, please contact us.

[Returning Library Materials] (only for UTokyo affiliates)

・Only openshelf books can be returned at the book post. The other materials must be returned at the counter after the reopening on Oct. 1. (Thu.) If you have a special reason to return materials urgently, please contact us.

・For the other campus libraries’ material, please return to your faculty library directly. If you have any difficulty, please contact us.


[Document Delivery] (only for UTokyo affiliates)

Only for the materials in the automated storage can be requested. please check the location on UTokyo OPAC and order via MyOPAC. (paid service, application required)

Please check here for details.


For urgent needs for the materials which are solitary held by the General Library during the closure, please contact us.

[Contact Information]

Public Service Section, the General Library

Tel: 03-5841-2643 (ex. 22643) (Mon.-Fri., 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00)


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.