Notice on Reopening of the General Library


On May 22, the main entrance and the central area of the General Library are reopened. Thank you for your patience on the inconvenience during the temporary closure.
This year, we are planning renovation work of the stack area in the library. Due to the renovation work, some materials are relocated to other areas in the library and it might cause for disturbance on quiet environment.


[Changes after Reopening]

  • Relocation of Materials and Equipment
    • Some of the open-shelf and stack materials are relocated. The notations of “Location” on OPAC is also changed to show the specific location of the materials.
    • ECCS terminals and photocopy machines are relocated.
    • For detail, please refer to the floor map in the library.
  • Automated Storage
    • Materials located in the automated storage can be requested via OPAC in the General Library and received at Service Counter.
  • Drinking at the reading seats is allowed (only drinks with screwed cap).
  • Study space at Faculty of Medicine Bldg. 1 is closed.
  • For more information, please refer to the General Library website.


[Library Tour]

We will offer library tours showing new service, restored facility and cultural materials (in Japanese).
For detail, please refer to the General Library website.


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