List of General Library Collections

Collection Collector Content Volume Catalog
Akiba Collection Akiba, Yoshimi
Shibai Banzuke (list of the title and the casts of the Kabuki presented on the stage) during the Empo-Meiji eras 16,831 Transcribed catalog (General Library's Reference Room)
Gakken Collection Doi, Keizo
Japanese and Chinese medical books 4,618 Catalog of University of Tokyo General Library Old Medical Books (published in 1988)
Hozumi Collection Hozumi, Nobushige
Various edition and manuscripts of Goseibai-shikimoku and the commentaries 1,053  
Books Illustrative of English Printing British Government Rare books illustrative of the history of English printing 182 Exhibition of books illustrative of the history of English printing and book production [General Library's Reference Room]
Katei Collection Watanabe, Katei
Japanese fictions in the Edo period 1,851 Catalog of Katei Collection (published in 1982)
Morse Collection Morse, Edward Sylvester(1831-1925) Literatures on Japan and natural science 1,770  
Nanki Collection Tokugawa, Yorimichi
Collection of Tokugawa, the feudal lord of Kii Province (including Yoshunro-bon, Sakata-bon, Gakkai-bon) 96,000 Catalogue of the Nanki Bunko (published in 1914)
Ogai Collection Mori, Ogai
Biographical or historical books, Bukan (directory of Daimyo and Hatamoto), old maps in the Edo period, European literature 18,700 Catalog of Ogai Collection
[General Library's Reference Rooms]
Rahder Collection Rahder, Johannes Rahder (1898-?) Literature on Indian philosophy, Sanskrit characters and western philosophy 1,300  
Seishu Collection Watanabe, Makoto
Chinese classics and Japanese literature 25,000 Catalog of old versions of Seishu
Tanaka Yoshio Collection Tanaka, Yoshio
Literature on medical plants, botany, zoology, agriculture, fishery, forestry 6,000 Catalog of books contributed by Baron Mitsuo Tanaka (published in 1936)
Material on Forestry of Mito-Tokugawa Tokugawa, Muneyoshi
Material on forestry, etc. 638 Online Public Catalog ("Rinsei" file)
Material of the Society of National Policy (Kokusaku kenkyukai bunsho) Minobe, Yoji
Literature on politics and economic policy during the World War II 6,624 Online Public Catalog ("kokusaku" file)