31st March 2021; This service will be extended to 31st Aug. 2021.


Due to the prevention measures against novel Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the users are experiencing the difficulty in accessing to the other faculty’s libraries. As a temporary measurement to support the accessibility, we expand the service for the internal reservation/delivery and returning within the Hongo area campus (Hongo, Yayoi, Asano campus).



Period for the service: January 18, 2021 to March 31, 2021 (scheduled)

* The period may be changed due to the situations.

* The Komaba campus and the Kashiwa campus are excluded.


1. Reserving from the other libraries within the Hongo area

Previously, materials could be reserved from the libraries on the other campuses. However, during the period, the uses who belong to the Hongo area campus can order the materials from the libraries within the Hongo area campus (excluding the General Library). The materials requested can be received at your faculty library.

Please request via MyOPAC same as reseiving the materials from the other campus libraries.

* As an exception, the General Library materials cannot be reserved for the Hongo campus area. Please visit the General Library to use.

* Please be advised that the delivery may takes longer due to the restrictions on admission to the campus.


2. Returning to the other libraries within the Hongo area

Previously, within the Hongo campus, the materials from the Hongo campus libraries needed to be returned to the holding libraries directly, but during the service period, they can be returned to any libraries (incl. the General Library).


3. Contact

Please contact your faculty library for details.

Faculty libraries: https://www.lib.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/library/contents/guide