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  • The University of Tokyo Library System is composed of the General Library, the Komaba Library, the Kashiwa Library, and 27 libraries attached to departments or related research institutions.
  • Library hours and procedures vary from library to library. Before using a library, please check the availability of the material and identify the library that holds the material by referring to Utokyo OPAC, etc. and contacting the library in advance.
  • Alumni can not access our electronic resources (e-journals, databases) and can not use ECCS terminals and UTokyo Wi-Fi.

  • To the people who have graduated from the undergraduate/graduate course (including those who have withdrew from the doctor's course after having obtained all credits), a Pass to University of Tokyo Library System (hereinafter reffered to as "entrance pass") is issued.
  • For more information, see General library's guide and Komaba library's guide, and so on.

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