Procedures for Placing Books Related to the Autumn/Winter Semester 2022

Thank you for your cooperation to the University of Tokyo Library System.

To help students study, research and enrich their education, General Library welcomes recommendations for books from faculty (full-time lecturer and above).

1. Range of Recommendation

  • Books used in lectures at Hongo Campus
  • Books suitable for students to cultivate themselves, except for journals or books including advanced technical knowledge

2. How to Recommend Books

2.1 Via the Web: using the Book Request service of UTokyo MyOPAC

For details, please see “How to Make a Book Recommendation via the Web.”

2.2 Book Recommendation Form (Autumn/Winter Semester 2022)

Please fill in the Book Recommendation Form and send it to Section of Books Acquisition, General Library. You can also send it through your department library.

2.3 Reading List

If you have a reading list for your lecture on your website, please tell the URL to the Section of Books Acquisition, General Library.

If you have a paper copy of the list, please write the course title and your name, and send it to the Section of Books Acquisition, General Library or the library of your department.

3. Deadline for Recommendation

  • Books used in lectures: September 30, 2022
  • Books not for lectures: no particular deadline

4. Report of Results

General Library will report to you whether they can purchase the books or not via your department library.

5. Contact Information

Section of Books Acquisition, Information Processing and Management Division, General Library
E-mail: books.lib[at]
*Change at to @