[Oct. 17 Ended] Restriction on Stack Using (10/10-10/17)

Due to the library renovation work, some books in the stack basement are moved to Kashiwa.
The books will be unavailable temporarily as below.

1. Object

Japanese books with call numbers which start with numeric characters (320-999.99) in the location 'Gen. Stack'.
Except “大型本”(oversized books) and “放送大学テキスト”(377.51:H93)

2. Period

From October 10th to 17th (estimated)

3. From after October 18th-

The books will be in the location 'Kashiwa.Lib.Stack2' and available in Kashiwa Library.
For the member of the University of Tokyo, these books are available as same as the books located in Kashiwa library.
User guide of Kashiwa Library

4. Restriction on Using the Stack Basement

*Restriction ended. Thank you for your cooperation.*

Due to preparation work for moving the books of the stack basement to Kashiwa Library, the area below will be off limit. During the period, the library staffs bring the journals and books located in this area to the users.

  • All journals and books located in basement
    Period:From October 10th to 12th (Estimated)
    9:00~12:00 (Estimated)
  • Oversize books located in basement
    Period:From October 10th to 12th (Estimated)
    All day

5. Contact Information

Before October 17th: Public Service Section, General Library.
After October 18th: Information Service Section, Kashiwa Library.