Notice of Library Improvement Works and Temporary Service Changes in MAY 2017 (Fourth Report)

To Library users:


General Library, The University of Tokyo


Further to the “Notice of Substitute Services Provided by the General Library in MAY 2017 (Third Report)”(Japanese) dated January 11, 2017, which announced a general outline of substitute library services we will provide during the earthquake retrofit renovations to the General Library Main Building, please be informed of the finalized details of the renovation schedule and study spaces for the University’s students as below:

[Schedule outline] (planned)

Period Library Opening Information Note
On and before
Friday April 28, 2017
Open as usual.  
Saturday April 29
(national holiday)
to Monday, May 15, 2017
Temporarily closed
(Due to arrangement of substitute services and relocation of library materials)
Please borrow books before the temporary closure that you will need during this period.
Due dates for all items on loan that become due on a day during the temporary closure of the Library will be extended to Tuesday, May 16, the first business day after the temporary closure.
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
to around August 2018
Substitute services available The Service Desk and open shelf collection will be relocated to the west area of the General Library (see the map below) in order to continue to provide services. Please use the entrance on the side of the building facing Hongo-dori Avenue.
Access map from May 16th, 2017


About substitute services

  1. Hours
    Mon to Fri: 8:30 to 22:30; Sat, Sun, and national holidays: 9:00 to 19:00
    (In August and March Mon to Fri: 8:30 to 21:00; Sat, Sun, and national holidays: 9:00 to 17:00)
  2. Open shelf collection
    The Library’s open shelf collection will be relocated to the west area of the General Library and will continue to be available for use.
  3. Reading space
    There will be 130 seats (including 69 seats for ECCS terminals) available in the west area of the General Library.
  4. Materials in the stack
    The stack counter will be relocated to the west area of the General Library to provide basically the same service as usual.
  5. ECCS terminals
    All 69 ECCS terminals that are currently available for use will be relocated to the first floor in the west area of the General Library to provide the same service as usual.
  6. Other
    Photocopy, reference, rare-book, and microform services will be available as usual.

* These substitute services are expected to be provided until around August 2018. Thereafter, the main entrance will be usable again and library services will be provided in the central area of the Library.
We will take necessary measures to keep materials in the stack available for use during the planned renovation works so as not to inconvenience your research or study.

Study space for the University’s students (on Hongo Campus)

We will offer our students at least as many study seats as are currently provided (approx. 600 seats) in the Library Plaza (planned to open in July) located in the General Library Annex, and some facilities on Hongo Campus.
These facilities are Yasuda Auditorium (4F), Sanjo Conference Hall (2F), and Faculty of Medicine Bldg. 1 (1F and 3F). Shown below are the service details provided at each facility. For their locations, please see the attached sheet(pdf).

Building Approx.
of seats
to be available
from (Planned)
Hours* Wireless LAN Notes
Mon to Fri Sat, Sun, and
national holidays
Yasuda Auditorium
50 April 10 9:00-17:00 - - Except on days of events
Sanjo Conference Hall
[Available until
January 2018]
150 May 1 9:00-20:30 - Available
Faculty of Medicine
Bldg. 1
(1F and 3F)
250 April 20 9:00-20:30 - Available  
Library Plaza
in the General Library
200 July 10 8:30-22:30 9:00-19:00 Available  
  • You will need your student ID card to use the study spaces.
  • You can find floor plans of the facilities and information about when the study spaces are not available due to events, etc. on the Library’s website. Since the information is regularly updated, please make sure you have the very latest information.
  • Wireless LAN (UTokyo WiFi) is available at Sanjo Conference Hall, Faculty of Medicine Bldg. 1, and the Library Plaza in the General Library Annex. Wireless LAN is not provided at Yasuda Auditorium in order to maintain a quiet study environment. Thus, please refrain from bringing or using your PC at Yasuda Auditorium.

* Available hours during the long university holidays (in August and March) will be announced later.