Science Library Self-guided Tour 2022 (April 4 - May 20)

You can take a self-guided tour which introduces library spaces and services.

The tour is available at any time during library hours. It will help you learn about useful facilities and how to find books and journals efficiently. At each stop, you will see a key number written on the board. Answer a quiz with these numbers and get a prize from the library! Effective searching skills are increasingly needed in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Those who visit the library for the first time and those who would like to learn more are welcome to join the tour.

  • Dates: April 4 (Mon.) - May 20 (Fri.)
  • How to Participate:
    1. Take a map placed near the new books display on the third floor of the Science Library (Bldg.1).
    2. Collect key numbers while going around the library.
    3. Answer a quiz to get a prize!

*The tour takes approximately 15 minutes.

Science Library Self-Guided Tour