Previously, the users could request to deliver the books from the other campus to their faculty libraries only. From February 15th, 2021, the service is expanded to deliver the books to the General and Kashiwa Libraries too (Komaba Library will be joined after the middle of August). 

Also, the reserved books can be delivered to the General and Kashiwa Libraries too. 

Users can request the service via MyOPAC. The available counters you can receive the book are displayed on the reservation page after logged into MyOPAC


  • Previously, the “internal delivery service” is available for the books in the libraries on the other campuses. But as for temporary expedient against the novel Coronavirus infection, the users who belong to the Hongo area campus can order the books from the libraries in the Hongo area campus (excluding the General Library) to March 31, 2021 (scheduled). 
  • Users who don’t belong to the Komaba library can’t receive the delivered books at the Komaba library now. The Komaba library is scheduled to join this service after the middle of August. 

Please contact your faculty library for details. 
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Click to open the poster as a PDF file.
Click to open the poster as a PDF file.