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  • 紀伊國屋書店が提供する日本語電子ブックです。「未所蔵」の図書も「試し読み」ができます。

Springer eBooks (Springer社)


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  • Using the services for purposes not connected with individual research or education is prohibited.
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  • Unauthorized downloads may result in the interruption of the services for the whole university.


Book Series

No title year
1 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1973-1996,
2 Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1964-current
(except for no.820, 1046)
3 Lecture Notes in Physics 1969-2004
4 Lecture Notes in Physics monographs 1991-2003
5 Landolt-Bornstein (SpringerMaterials) 1961-current


eBook Collection

  collection purchasing department / library
1 Mathematics & Statistics Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences Library
2 Computer Science

Libraries for Engineering and Information Science & Technology(Computer Science (Library of Information Science))

Wiley Online Library (Wiley社)

  • The titles with Access Icons are avairable.
  • The reference books listed below are included in this service.
  title purchasing department / library
1 Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology General Library
2 Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry General Library
3 International Tables for Crystallography Institute for Solid State Physics Library , Kashiwa Library , Sci. Physics Library , Eng.5 Lib(Applied Chemistry,Chemical Eng.,and Biotechnology)


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