TREE(UTokyo REsource Explorer)

Off-Campus Open

TREE(UTokyo Resource Explorer) is simply a service which allows you to search for academic information from one search window. You can search for books, electronic and paper, and materials all at once without worrying about choosing a database.
※It mainly searches within the University of Tokyo OPAC and databases that the university has contracted with (which permission was given from the providers). There are materials such as Japanese newspaper databases which are outside of TREE search, please use individual databases according to the purpose.
※When you want to find specific books and journals, please also use the University of Tokyo OPAC and E-journal & E-book Portal.

ProQuest (Library System)
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  • Books
  • Journal Articles
  • Doctorial Dissertations
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Scientific/Technological Reports
  • Encyclopedia & Dictionary
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Japanese, Western language, Chinese, Korean