[For members of School of Science] Library Services after April 1

Opening hours:
Science Library (Bldg.1): 9:00-22:00 weekdays only (During vacations: 9:00-20:30)
Library of Chemistry (Chemistry Bldg.): 9:30-19:30 weekdays only (During vacations: 9:30-17:00)

  • After hours use for members of School of Science is unavailable.


  • A photocopier which can be used at public expense is available.
  • Please see "Seminar Room" for information on the Seminar Room.

Materials in the closed stacks

An application is needed to use materials in the closed stacks. Please apply between 9:00 and 16:00 on weekdays. We recommend you to contact us by e-mail in advance. Theses are in the closed stacks and for library use only.


There is a return box in front of the library.
If you have trouble to return library items, please let us know by e-mail.
You can also return books by post with tracking service. Postage is paid by the borrowers.

Postal Loan and Photocopy Service

Postal Loan and Photocopy Service is available. Please see "Postal Loan and Photocopy Service" for details.
For non-members of School of Science, please see "[Paid Service] Postal Loan Service for Non-members of School of Science".

User Registration, Reference Service

Please contact us by e-mail.

Book Purchase Requests

Please apply via MyOPAC as usual.

Please note:

  • If you have symptoms such as fever or cold, or feel unwell, please refrain from visiting.
  • Wear a surgical mask, and mind cough etiquette.
  • Disinfect your fingers with alcohol when entering and leaving the library.
  • Check your temperature when entering the building. Please refrain from entering if your temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius or more than one degree higher than normal.
  • Keep your distance from others. Refrain from talking.

Other Safety Measures

  • Ventilation
  • Partition on the service desk

(Update: April 25, 2022)