【Event Archive】The Science Library Self-Guided Tour 2022 Autumn

 We held the "Science Library Self-Guided Tour 2022 Autumn" which was designed to help participants to learn about useful facilities and how to find books and journals efficiently. The tour was available at any time during the opening hours. There were thirteen stops in the library. Participants who went around all the stops could receive an original gift.

This time 31 people reached the goal. In the questionnaire, many participants commented that the tour was fun. Its satisfaction score was 100% (*1).

(*1) "Useful" = 71%, "Somewhat useful" = 29%

Stop No.1: New books display
Stop No.2: Books for students
Stop No.2: Books for students
Poster 2022 Autumn
Poster 2022 Autumn


---[About the event]------------------------------------------

The Science Library Self-Guided Tour 2022 Autumn, an event where you can learn about the library's useful facilities and how to find books and journals efficiently, is now being held.
Please go around 13 checkpoints in the library. If you answer the quiz at the last checkpoint correctly, you will receive original goods of the library.
We hope you enjoy this event!

【Event period】
October 3rd - November 16th, 2022

【Start point】
New Books Display in the Science Library 3rd Floor (Faculty of Science Bldg.1, Area E)

【Who can participate】
Everyone is welcome to join.

【Other notices】

  • The tour takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • The explanations are mainly intended for members of the School of Science.
  • Non member of the School of Science must leave the library by 5 p.m.
  • A mini-exhibition "Kono Yasui : First Woman Doctor of Science in Japan" is being held in the library until October 21st, 2022. If you fill out the questionnaire for this exhibit, you will also receive a different prize of the tour.


(October 6th, 2022)

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