Science Library Display 2022

The Science Library holds mini-exhibitions on an irregular basis to display and introduce several items from our diverse collection. The following exhibit is currently being held. We hope you enjoy it.

■Kono Yasui (1880-1971) : First Woman Doctor of Science in Japan【June 20-October 21, 2022】

Tokyo Imperial University accepted women as audience students about 100 years ago in 1920, and women as reguler students were admitted in 1946.
Kono Yasui (1880-1971) was a female researcher to continue her research at Tokyo Imperial University before them. She studied botany and coal under Professor Kiichi Miyake in the Faculty of Agriculture and Professor Kenjiro Fujii in the Faculty of Science at Tokyo Imperial University, and in 1927 she became the first woman doctor of science in Japan.

In this display, you find academic papers written by her up to the time she became a doctor and documents related to her achievements.