[Event Archive] Science Library Display 2021

The Science Library holds mini-exhibitions on an irregular basis to display and introduce several items from our diverse collection. In FY2021, a total of two exhibits were held.

We hope you enjoy them.

■Kikunae Ikeda: His life and achievements(January 17 - April 22, 2022)

Kikunae Ikeda was a professor of Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Imperial University of Tokyo from 1901 to 1923. He is famous as a scientist who discovered that glutamic acid makes the fifth taste "Umami". Thanks to his discovery, glutamic acid becomes ingredient of "Ajinomoto", and enriches our daily meals.
In this display, we introduced his life and achievements showing the documents at that time.


■Pioneer in Conchology: People Fascinated by Shellfish(July 26 – Oct. 28, 2021)

Shellfish have been treated as valuable thing, and it used for Money, accessories and ornaments. In this modern age, the research subjects are the morphology and classification of shellfish, the shape of shellfish, regularity and diversity, diversity of patterns, habitat of shellfish, etc. It has moved from a hobby to a subject of study, from collecting to sketching, and from classification to research.

The study of shellfish begins with collecting. Its conchology, especially taxonomy, has been developed by collectors and researchers as if wheels of cars. In this mini exhibition, we focused on the main collectors and researchers who pioneered shellfish research, and exhibited related materials held by the Science Library.

Science Library Display 2021