Undergraduate Students of Other Universities


If you are a undergraduate student of other universities, you will be able to use the library as written below.

Please visit the library, while having checked the materials that can be used, visitor’s application, and service hours.

Materials that Can Be Used

You will be able to read/photocopy materials stored in the Komaba Library. The materials have the location of "Komaba.lib.**" on OPAC .

  • Materials that have the location of "CAS.**" (for example "CAS.For.Lang.", "CAS.Soc.Intl.Study" etc.), are stored in the departments in the Komaba Campus. The conditions and the way to use the materials in the departments differ from Komaba Library. For the details, please see "Materials Held by Departments in Komaba I Campus".
  • The locations of the materials in the Storage Stack start with "Komaba.Lib.Stor.", "Komaba.Lib.Stor-Large.", "Komaba.Lib.Stor-Ref.", "Komaba.Lib/Ichiko-Bunko". For the details, please see "Using Materials in the Storage Stack Room".
  • The location of the rare materials is "Komaba.Lib.Rare." If you would like to read rare books, you will need to make a pre-application. For the details, please see "Reading Rare Materials".
  • When there are words such as "on loan" or "on missing absent material" in the "Status" column, you cannot use the material.


Visitor's Application

If you are an undergraduate student, please present the "reference letter" issued by your university library and your student ID. We also ask you to fill in the application form.

We will collect the reference letter.

Service Hours

9:00-17:00 on weekdays.
You cannot use the library on Saturdays/Sundays/national holidays.

For closed dates and library hours, please see the Library Calendar.