The Expanding the Eligible Person for the Mailing Service

 We have provided the mailing service for UTokyo students writing dissertations and having difficulty visiting the library due to COVID-19.
 The mailing service is a service that mails the Komaba Library books and photocopies of library books and resources by the user paying for postage and copying fee.

 From 13 December 2021, we are expanding the eligible person as a trial to consider providing the service permanently.
 The trial period will be until the end of March 2022.

Those eligible

  The UTokyo students who are writing dissertations and having difficulty visiting your affiliated library, and Chief librarian authorized users(館長許可利用者)

 After 13 December 2021:
  Those who meet both of the following conditions
 ・UTokyo members、professor emeritus、Chief librarian authorized users(館長許可利用者)
 ・Those who have difficulty visiting the Komaba Library due to work, infectious disease prevention, injury, illness, etc.
 Please refer to this page for details.