Notice of the Change on Library Calender in November

The Komaba Library will change the opening schedule of November as follows because the Komaba Festival will be held online this year.

20 Nov.(Fri.): 17:00 Closed → 20:00 Closed
21 Nov.(Sat.), 22 Nov.(Sun.), 23 Nov.(Mon.) : Closed → Opening

Library Calendar

※Please note the UTokyo members need to make a reservation to enter the KomabaⅠCampus and to enter the Komaba Library from this page.
    Reservation is required for each.
    Reservation to enter the Campus is only available on the same day.
    Reservation to enter the Library is until 17:00 of the day before. As for Sunday, it is until 17:00 on Friday, two days before.

※The following people are not allowed to enter the Komaba I Campus and the Komaba Library until the day to be determined.
  Visitors (including those who have the entrance pass for the University of Tokyo Library System or the Komaba Library, professor emeritus)