<Komaba Library>Mailing Service for Students Writing Dissertations

We provide the mailing service for the UTokyo students who are writing dissertations and having difficulty visiting the Library.

If you are non-member of the Komaba I Campus and can visit your affiliated library, please reserve the book from MyOPAC yourself regardless of your status.

1. Those eligible

The UTokyo students who are writing dissertations and having difficulty visiting your affiliated library, and non-UTokyo members approved by the library director(当館館長許可利用者).
* Non-eligible to our faculty members, Junior Division students in College of Art and Science, and non-UTokyo members.

2. Reception period

2nd November 2020 - undecided

3. Items and how to request

Items How to Request

Komaba Library materials excluding " Not for loan" materials
 ( Number of books: Within the normal number of books loan)

Please send the following things by email;
Address: etsuran@lib.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Subject:Applying for mailing service
Contents:Name, UTokyo Account, Shipping address(zip code), Phone number, Barcode No., Book title

Copies of Komaba Library books and resources Application Form (in Japanese)
Copies that requested with the MyOPAC Document Delivery Service and arrived at the Komaba Library MyOPAC(Please enter "Request for mailing from Komaba Library, [your shipping address]" in the comments column.)
Copies you requested to other university libraries
Letter of introduction for visiting other university libraries As usual (Please refer to this page for details.)

4. Fees

Users pay for postage and copying fee.

  • Mailing loan books: Yu-Pack parcel, pay on delivery.
  • Mailing copies: Currency registration (Japan Post), prepaid.

5. Contacts
If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

About book loan:User Service Section, etsuran@lib.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp
About copies:Information Service Section, cill@lib.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp