Floor Guide

Kashiwa Library is on the 2nd floor of the two-storied building located on the left-hand side of the main gate of the Kashiwa campus.

2nd floor

【Reading Room】 Personal laptop computers may be used in this 234-seat reading area, which provides wireless LAN (utroam) access.
(service marked with "*" is for members of The Univ. of Tokyo only.)
【Search Corner】 Here you can conduct OPAC searches, retrieve journals, search databases* and browse e-journals *. 
(services marked with "*" are for members of The Univ. of Tokyo only.)
【Study Cubicles】 Seven cubicles with wireless LAN (utroam) are available. No reservation is necessary. For members of The Univ. of Tokyo only.
【Knowledge Work Studio】 This room is available for group study and provides wireless LAN (utroam). No reservation is necessary.
* You can talk and discuss in this room, but please do not talk too loud.
【AV Corner】 Four carrels in this corner may be used to view DVDs and other AV materials in the library's collections.
【Auto Library】 The library's automated storage and retrieval system is capable of storing and retrieving one million volumes, and already holds 340,000 back issues of natural science journals.

1st floor

【Learning Support Service】 There are twelve computers on the Educational Campuswide Computing System (ECCS) which people belonging to the university are free to use. A printer with scanning capability is also available for use. The payment for printouts must be made by electronic money (Suica, PASMO) or prepaid card. 
* Users of this service must have an ECCS account.
【Media Hall】
【Conference Room】【Seminar Rooms】
These rooms are available for meetings, seminars, and other similar activities. Reservation required.
【Community Salon】 You can eat and drink in the lounge areas. Panels on research activities conducted at Kashiwa Campus and some materials of Library collections are exhibited. Magazines are provided for recreational reading.
【Rest Corner】 You can eat and drink in the lounge areas. The Rest Corner is also equipped with beverage machines.