The 20th Waku Waku Mini Concert, Looking for performers


If you would like to participate as a performer, please send e-mail to this address with the following information:
 1. Your Name
 2. Department/Position
 3. Your E-mail address and phone number
 4. Number of participants
 5. Titles of the music and playing time (up to 10 minutes)
 6. Types of instruments
 7. Message(convenient time for playing, other requests)

Application address

※Applications are being accepted by an outside agency.

Application period

August 18 (Fri) ~ November 10 (Fri)
In case of a large number of applicants, there will be a screening.
The final selection results will be announced on November 24 (Fri).

The 20th Waku Waku Mini Concert

Date   January 12 (Fri), 2018  17:30 ~
Place    Media Hall, Kashiwa Library 1F

Please visit [Waku Waku Mini Concert Facebook Page] !