How to use the Sound Proof Booth

Sound Proof Booths can be used for vocal learning, research and educational activities. (e.g. learning a language or participating in an online study group.)


  • 4 booths in total
    • One of the rooms (booth No. 1) is barrier-free specification.
  • PCs (ECCS terminals) are provided in each booth.

  • UTokyo WiFi available


Sound Proof Booths are available to those who are currently enrolled in the University of Tokyo, have an IC card student/staff ID, and have completed the registration for using the library.

Usage time

  • 9:00-closing time
  • Reservations can be made from 15-minutes up to 3hours.
  • Due to system reason, there may be a time lag of a few minutes until you enter the room.
  • No interval for each reservation. Please make a reservation with plenty of time for both start and end times to ensure a smooth use.
  • If the next reservation is not made by 10 minutes before the end of the reserved time, the reservation can be extended. To extend the reservation, press the extension button displayed on the reservation page 10 minutes before end of the reservation.

Number of users

  • Individual use only.
  • Please avoid leaving the booth as much as possible. You may be asked to stop using the booth if it is determined to be unattended for more than 20 minutes.


Booth No.1 is large enough for a wheelchair. If you would like to use No.1 due to wheelchair access, please Please check the "I would like a barrier-free soundproof booth." box on the form when you apply.


  • No food is allowed. You can bring your own drinks in sealed containers.
  • Please disinfect the desk, the keyboard and the mouse before and after use.
    The alcohol for disinfection, paper towels, the garbage box are located in the hallway.
  • Please make sure to wear a mask. (Face guards and face shields are not allowed.)

How to reserve

  • You can apply from the "External links" section (General Library facilities reservation page) of MyOPAC.
    * If there is no "External Link" field, click the "Apply Default Settings" button at the bottom of the "Help Messages".
  • It will take about 1 minute from the time you complete your application to the time the system registers your request. You will then be able to use the room you have applied for by opening the lock with your IC card.
  • Reservations are available up to one week in advance.
    You can apply for only one reservation at a time.
    Cancellations can also be done from the Application form.


Please contact us from the Inquiry form.

Application form for using the Sound Proof Booth

Please check the above information and apply via My OPAC.

>>My OPAC(Login with UTokyoAccount)