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  • Address
    • 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
    • We encourage you to use public transportation rather than your own car.
  • To the Hongo Campus
    • Access Map
    • By Subway
      • Hongo Sanchome Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Toei Oedo Line): 10 minuites walk
      • Todai-mae Station (Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line): 15 minutes walk
      • Kasuga Station (Toei Mita Line): 20 minutes walk
    • By Bus
      • Todai Akamon-mae or Todai Seimon-mae stops (Cha茶51 or Higashi43 route): 3 minutes walk
      • Todai Byoin-mae stop (Gaku学01 or Gaku学07 route): 5 minutes walk
  • In the Hongo Campus


  • Reception Desk: 03-5841-2652
  • Fax for all sections: 03-5841-2611
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  • To make an extension call from inside the UTokyo, prefix "2" on the last four digits of the phone numbers. e.g. 03-5841-2652 => 22652
Admission Tel. E-mail Section
Alumni and Non-members 03-5841-2643 shiryo Service Counter
Materials Tel. E-mail Section
Borrowing and Returning 03-5841-2643 shiryo Public Service Section
Rare Books See Rare Books.
Microforms See Microforms.
Documents of International Organizations
(UN, EU, OECD, etc.)
03-5841-2645 kokusai International Documentation Center
Electronic Journals, Databases See ASK Service.
Photocopy and Inter-library Loan 03-5841-2644 sogoriyo Inter-Library Service Section
Permission for Publishing the Library Collection See Permission to Publish Materials Held in Library Collections.
Donation of Materials 03-5841-2626 sen Books Selection & Accession Section
Facilities Tel. E-mail Section
Media Plaza (ECCS terminals) 03-5841-3004 -- Information Technology Center
Others Tel. E-mail Section
Reference Service See Reference Service.
Visit on Business 03-5841-2640 srv-sen Senior Specialist
Database Training 03-5841-2649 literacy Academic Information Literacy Section, Information Technology Center
Lost Items (Mon. to Fri. 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00) 03-5841-2643 shiryo Service Counter
Lost Items (Others) 03-5841-2652 Reception Desk
Library Website 03-5841-2647 sanko Reference Service Section

Section Tel. E-mail
Public Service Section 03-5841-2643 shiryo
Inter-Library Service Section 03-5841-2644 sogoriyo
International Documentation Center 03-5841-2645 kokusai
Reference Service Section 03-5841-2647 sanko
Senior Specialist 03-5841-2640 srv-sen
Academic Information Literacy Section,
Information Technology Center
03-5841-2649 literacy
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